Worth It

by DemonFox287

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Introducing EP #2, "Worth It"

Featuring four original songs, two with original lyrics and vocals and two instrumental tracks.

Downloading the whole album comes with bonus track, [REDACTED]


released July 2, 2014



all rights reserved


DemonFox287 Pensacola, Florida

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Track Name: Worth It
Standing at the edge alone.
Wondering where the time has gone, and where the light will go.
Staring at the endless sky.
Watching seasons come and go, and faces pass me by.

And I don’t know
How to carry on that you’ve gone away
And I don’t know
How to say….

Is it worth it?
When dark returns and hope is wearing thin
Is it worth it?
Fighting for a world that you’re not in.

Memories refuse to fade
Leaving me nowhere to hide; no refuge from the pain.
And I’ve heard it said a thousand times…
“Let it go, leave the past behind, and get on with your life”

But I don’t know
How they just think I can forget and walk away….
And I don’t know
If I should stay....


You've gone away....

Is it worth it?
Living in this world without you, I mean
I feel so lost….
I’m in here every day, just…hoping that you’ll open your eyes….
And come back to us….
…Come back to me….
Sometimes, I don’t know if I can go on
But then I remember….
You lived every day like it was your last.
You wouldn’t want me to be this way
You’d want me to fight on!
To keep going…
So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.
For you!

Yes, it’s worth it
Living what will be, not what has been
Yes, you’re worth it
Fighting for the day that we will win.

Yes it’s worth it
Cast the darkness out and let light in.
Yes it’s worth it.
Fighting til the day we meet again.

We meet again...
Track Name: Pwn (feat. Paul Andrews)
It's a game that we're playin'
Never strayin'
All I'm sayin'
It's the will to thrill, to have the skill that fills
All these words that I've said,
All this music in my head
That's rising from the dead
and dying to be fed,
With these sounds in the air
Must be handled with care
Go on and play, if you dare to be the best of the best
Better than the rest and diamond cut tested
If you already guessed it,
I already undressed it and made it my own
Go on and pick up the phone and call 911, cuz it's emergency.
Of my convergency is urgently hurtin me,
I'm too hot
I can't stop on my to the top of the food chain
Y'all fools can't touch this!

Now do you...
Realize you're behind enemy lines
Looking out into the spotlight, looking to shine.
But all you'll find, is that you're getting left behind
Cuz me and mad skills, man, we're one of kind
I'm doing fine,
Pwning these n00bs, and showing these dudes what "real" is
I hope you feel this
I'll deal this pain to your system,
Powers are gone and now you miss em
Cuz you failed at life and now you're left there reminiscing
Bout the past
I'm too fast, you can't last a second
Cuz the day you try me
Is the day that you reckon gettin Pwned!